Denver International Airport

South Terminal Redevelopment

Collaboration with Anderson Mason Dale

Project Title: South Terminal Redevelopment
Client: Denver International Airport
Location: Denver, CO
Prime Contractor: Anderson Mason Dale and Gensler
Year Completed: 2015

In 2011, DIA began its first major airport redevelopment project since opening in 1995. The construction for the hotel, conference center, and train station connecting the airport to downtown completes the original vision for the airport. This construction program strengthened the airports connection to the City's urban core and turn the airport itself into a travel destination that will serve as a catalyst for economic growth in the Denver metro region. Our portion of the project consisted of providing architectural services for the transportation center in collaboration with Anderson Mason Dale and Gensler. We worked through the design to the production, document review and construction surveillance.

Level 5.5

Project Title: Denver International Airport – Level 5.5
Jeppesen Terminal MODS 1-6
Client: Denver International Airport
Prime Contractor: Logplan
Architect of Record: Castillo Architects
Location: Denver, CO
Year Completed: 2020

The Level 5.5 project created a new level between level 5 and 6 of the Jeppesen Terminal. In preparation for the Great Hall Project, the new Level 5.5 accommodates a new baggage system and a cross over at the escalator cores. The project included the removal of the existing ceilings during the construction of the new level and replacement of ceilings and lights at the baggage claim areas.

CBRA TSA Relocation

Project Title: DEN Jeppesen Terminal– CBRA TSA Relocation
Client: DEN
Location: Denver, CO
Architect of Record: Castillo Architects
Prime Contractor: Logplan
Year Completed: 2020

The CBRA project relocates the TSA Oversize Bag Check and Check Bag Reclamation Area into a new space within the Jeppesen Terminal. This included the re-routing and new installations of baggage conveyor systems. The space includes the baggage prosecuting areas, offices, training rooms, locker rooms, and break rooms.

Collaboration with Jacobs Engineering

Project Title: Denver International Airport – B & C Concourse Expansion
Client: DEN
Location: Denver, CO
Prime Contractor: Jacobs Engineering
Date: 2018-Present

Project consists of expanding the East end of Concourse B & C at Denver International Airport. Concourse B - East expansion consists of an estimated 132,000 square feet with a footprint of 64,000 square feet. This Concourse expansion includes moving 11 ground level gates up to the Concourse level, 2,600 square feet of concession space, pet relief areas, and nursing rooms. Concourse C – East expansion consists of 521,000 square feet of new Concourse with a footprint of 185,000 square feet. This Concourse will have 16 aircraft gates and 18 hold rooms along with the introduction of an outdoor room at the far east end of the new expansion. Both expansions will implement solar panels on the roof and will be LEED certified.

Guard House

Collaboration with Jacobs Engineering

Project Title: Guard House Prototypes
Client: DEN
Location: Denver International Airport
Prime Contractor: Jacobs Engineering

In 2017, Castillo Architects consulted with Jacobs Engineering on the creation of several prototypes to replace the existing vehicle perimeter guard houses for DEN. The prototypes included a variety of sizes for 4-man, 2-man, and 1-man structures. This project is still pending.

Southwest Airline Relocation

Collaboration with RS&H

Project Title: Southwest Airlines Relocation
Location: Denver International Airport
Prime Architect: RSH
Sub-consulting Architect: Castillo Architects
Year Completed: 2018

This enabling project relocated Southwest Airlines ticketing counters and electronic kiosk in anticipation for the Great Hall Project. The project also included support spaces, break rooms, and locker areas.

US Air Force


Client: Dyess Air Force Base
Architect of Record: Castillo Architects
Location: Abilene, Texas
Year Completed: 2017

Building 8040 at Dyess AFB is a unique rehabilitation and addition project. The facility is for the inspection and repair of various aircraft parts. In the repair of the various aircraft components hazardous compounds are generated that are contained, isolated, and disposed of according to DOD regulations. The facility is designed to accommodate these hazardous materials and limit potential contamination of personnel and environment. The building is considered a heavy industrial facility that houses a blasting workshop, paint booth workshop, and associated support areas for those primary activities. In addition, the building has a NCO's office, break room, hot desk area and various storage/utility areas. Castillo Architects was the prime contract holder and managed a team of various engineers.


Client: Dyess Air Force Base
Location: Abilene, Texas
Prime Contractor: Castillo Architects
Year Completed: 2020

Castillo Architects was the Program Manager for the Multi-Hanger Fire Protection and Life Safety Renovation. In the existing Pump House(5001 and 5160) the old diesel pumps were replaced with new electric pumps and associated electrical system upgrade. The USAF identified 11 hangers that are part of the fire protection upgrades and various life safety upgrades. Castillo Architects was the prime contract holder and managed a multi-discipline engineering team that include Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Civil, and Fire Protection Engineers.

Sports Facilities


Client: DSP Builders, Design Build Lead
Architect of Record: Castillo Architects
Location: Kansas City, KS
Date: TBD

The Bluhawk Sports complex features an ice rink, a 5 lane curling rink, basketball courts, and an indoor turf field. The turf field can be arranged to accommodate soccer, football, baseball infield, lacrosse, and various training areas. The basketball gym has (8) NCAA basketball courts that can be reconfigured into (16) NCAA volleyball courts and pickle ball courts. The facility also consists of a physical therapy center, (6) golf simulators, a pro shop, retail, and restaurant space, 5,000 square feet for a private middle school and high school, a daycare center, and support offices.


Project Title: SPORTS STABLE
Client: DSP Builders, Design Build Lead
Architect of Record: Castillo Architects
Location: Superior, CO
Date: 2017

The Sports Stable complex features 2 NHL ice rinks, and a practice pad. The first rink seats 800 and the second one has 300 seats along with locker rooms for the two. There is also retail space for a coffee shop, Floyds, a pro shop and a daycare. The multipurpose turf field can be arranged to accommodate soccer, basketball and volleyball. The facility also consists of a physical therapy center, golf simulators, and restaurant space.

Retail & Office

Parcel 6

Project Title: Parcel 6
Client: Facilities Contracting
Architect of Record: Castillo Architects
Location: Littleton, CO
Year Completed: 2008

There are 2 buildings located on Parcel 6 atop of the hill in the Southpark Commercial District in Littleton, Co.

Medical Building 991 Southpark Drive- This facility has been designed for the medical tenant and is currently occupied by a PT office as well as Envision Radiology. The building lobby and atrium are what stand out and set this building apart from any of the other buildings in the South Park area.

Facilities Contracting 981 Southpark Drive – This building belongs to Facilities Contracting who is the owner and general contractor for the overall project. The building houses several different uses including general office space, meeting rooms, and storage garage.

Trimble Crossing

Project Title: Trimble Crossing
Client: Classique Homes
Architect of Record: Castillo Architects
Location: Durango, Colorado
Year Completed: 2011

Trimble Crossing consisted of master planning site amenities and two retail buildings through to construction. The 11,000 S.F. one story south building was designed for a single tenant, Ace Hardware. The 22,500 S.F. north building is a 2 story retail/office building.

McDonalds, USA

Project Title: McDonald’s Restaurants Renovations
Client: McDonald’s USA
Architect of record: Castillo Architects
Location: Colorado, New Mexico
Date: 2009-2012

Castillo Architects was hired by McDonald’s to provide re-branding renovations to a series of their restaurants. We conducted facility evaluation reports that included site analysis, ADA analysis, condition of the existing building, and feasibility of rebranding efforts. Many of the locations required the restaurant to remain operational while the site and building remodels were constructed; this required phasing studies with the franchisee and McDonalds USA.


Project Title: Starbucks
Client: Starbucks and DSP Builders
Location: Denver, CO
Date: 2011

In collaboration with DSP Builders we provided planning and design services for a unique urban Starbucks. It has a full drive up with prominent façade facing Speer Blvd. It is unique because of the walk-up window to order that is accessible from the sidewalk along Speer Blvd.

Park Meadows Mall Pedestrian Path

Project Title: Park Meadows Mall Pedestrian Path
Client: TST Engineering
Location: Lone Tree, Colorado
Prime Contractor: City of Lone Tree, TST Engineering
Architect of Record: Castillo Architects
Date: 2010

In a collaboration with Park Meadows Mall and the City of Lone Tree, Castillo Architects provided a resolution to create a needed pedestrian path between the local RTD rail station stop and the mall’s entrance. Utilizing illuminated beacons inspired by signage and design elements in and around the mall. We created (5) path markers from the exit of the RTD rail station stop to the northeast entrance of the mall. The center gazebo mimics the architectural style of Park Meadows Mall and provides an illuminated gathering space that contains built-in seating areas.

Aspen Park Retail

Project Title: Aspen Park Retail

Client: Hunt Properties

Architect of Record: Castillo Architects

Location: Aspen Park, Colorado

Year Completed: 2005

Aspen Park Retail project is on a 30-acre site, anchored by a 65,000 S.F. King Soopers grocery store, with an additional five buildings containing 30,000 S.F. The 5 multi-tenant buildings are a variety of single tenants, two story retail/office buildings, and four additional pad building sites.

Loaf n Jug

Project Title: Loaf’n Jug Stores

Client: Kroger Co

Location: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana

Architect of Record: Castillo Architects

Date: 2008-2014

Scopes of work for multiple stores ranged from master planning for new store locations, to complete remodels, and minor restroom remodels. Through various projects, we sought and received city entitlement approvals with color renderings and material boards, completed necessary construction documents, specifications required for city permits, vetted competitive bid from contractors, provided fixture layout and design for remodeled stores, and assembled full fixture books for health department approval.


Project Title: Frasier Office Building


Architect of Record: Castillo Architects

Location: Frasier, CO


The Frasier office building is right next to the Safeway Shopping center. It was planned and designed along the picturesque Frasier river and public ponds. The priority in the planning was to protect the river and its inlet way. The building was much needed in the valley for office space. The building is two stories and was designed in the spirit of the Frasier valley. Offices are situated to ensure views up and down the valley.

K-12 Educational

Swansea Elementary School

Project Title: Swansea Elementary School
Client: Denver Public Schools
Location: Denver, CO
Prime Contractor: Anderson Mason Dale
Date: 2018

Swansea Elementary School renovation was included as part of the larger I-70 viaduct replacement project. The school was a vital part of the “reconnection” of the neighborhood divided by I-70 for over 50 years.

Our scope of services included coordination of a multi-discipline engineering team, life safety review and quality control of documents. We also provided Construction Management services that included construction surveillance, responding to RFI’s, submittal reviews, ASI support, and as built documents.

Industrial Project


Project Title: 61ST AND PENA STATION
Location: Denver, CO
Prime Contractor: JR Engineering
Date: 2014

The 61st and Pena Station is a facility designed in conjunction with JR Engineering for the business complex. We provided architectural design services as part of a multi-discipline team for a sanitation lift station. The building is unique with a single story above grade and the remainder of the facility buried 3 stories below grade. The control room that is on grade level has a trolly crane with access hatches designed to line up with the lift pumps 30' below grade located in the containment area. The control room is vapor isolated and containment and exhaust of flammable gases as required by the facility program.

Laredo Storage

Project Title: Laredo Storage Facility

Client: Arrington Oil

Architect of Record: Castillo Architects

Location: Aurora, CO

Year Completed: 2012

Laredo Storage is a facility consisting of 10 buildings on a 2 acre site located in Aurora, Colorado. We assisted the owner in completing a complex land entitlement process that including multiple public hearings and meetings with Aurora's Community Development Department.

The facility is an honest approach in creating a "metal building" creatively utilizing architectural metal panels to create a mixture of textures and sustainable design. Building 1 is a climate-controlled facility and contains the offices and support spaces for the overall project. Buildings 2-10 are typical storage facilities that are situated behind a secure fenced area approximately 1 acre in area.